Friday, 19 February 2016

Mascara, Mascara!!!

                            Mascara, Mascara!!!

Mascara is a very imporatant thing in my life ,and I think probably in everybody else's even, So I decided to share two of my favorites currently and even if they aren't my all time favorites they still do work really well----- which is----- AMAZING!!!!!

This one in particular is one of my favorite mascaras i have ever used. It is really amazing and makes my eyelashes flutter outwards and does great things to the eyelashes at the corners of my eyes. However i would have to say that it dosen't in particular push them up (this where the other one comes handy) . it also separates my eyelashes beautifully

First things first a few days back i realized that i was running out of my Maybelline lash Sensational Mascara so i decided to go buy some but we all know how terribly hard it is to get your hands on it simply because it is so popular. Then one of the Ladies at the shop told me to give this one a try and god i am glad i did. This trully amazing it makes my lashes look super long and if properly used can make you eyelashes fan out beautifully. However the on thing i dont like about this is that it makes my lashes stick to each other for that reason i like to use it on my Cinique mascara.

Not the best pictures,I know.....guys but please bear with me for a while until I can invest in a good camera. Leave a few good camera Suggestions in the comments below. (If you can).

Also guys thank you so much for all the support on this blog. I have Written only 2 blogs and Already have 52 views thanks so much this means so much to me.

If you redd this remember that I love you......

Love Khwaiish.

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  1. Guys please leave suggestions on good cameras XXX