Sunday, 7 February 2016

Life With A Blog

Life With A Blog
This is my first ever blog post and my first blog I have to say I am pretty nervous as to how things will go ahead from now on. I have wanted to have a blog since I cannot remember it just seems to be an amazing thing. I have seen many people write Blog posts but have been most inspired by Zoella, and yes that is her picture which i am borrowing as this is my first blog post and the idea came up all of a sudden.

Talking about Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg I Love her and have been greatly inspired by her. I don't really have a catagory that i would want fit in whilst writing this or in fact any blog i jut want to write what I love, and also share a few tips with those who would like to read my content.

While reading this if you were thinking what is the persons name who wrote this then- well I am Khwaiish. Hard to pronounce right I know and I love Art any type so if you and I have anything in common please continue showing my blog some love I will need it.    
I know life with a blog will be hard and their will be times when I feel down and sad feel like nobody cares about what I write but then it was never about that it's about expressing myself and sharing it with you people. Sharing with you things like what i like to do on my weekends what products I recommend  what places i visit and what food I love.

If you get through that all i just want to aplaud you and say Thankyou.

Bye i'll see you soon with a new post.....

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